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Background: At first glance, Jake might seem like your average teenager. Likes to party, flirt with most girls, and just hang out. What no one knows about him is that at night when he’s home alone and no one is watching he likes to hurt himself. You’ll always find him wearing long sleeves and clothes that cover up his wounds. Jake lost both his parents to a car accident where he was the only survivor. He turns to self-mutilation to deal with his grief, but he tries to hide it very well. When asked why he is being sent to the Beverly Hills Mental Health Hospital, Jake will always say for his ‘problems’ because he doesn’t want people to know that he cuts himself. The clinic may be the best way for Jake to deal with his issues, or maybe he’ll just cut too deep and end up dead himself.

Childhood: Jake grew up in a small suburban town just outside of LA with his parents. Being an only child, Jake would often spend time with the other kids in his neighborhood, instead of being by himself. He had many friends at school; he was considered the ‘nice kid’ by nearly everyone. He made jokes, went to parties and hung out with all his friends. Although he’s very smart, he never tried at school and got average grades- school was never an interest for him, just a way to get through the day. Jake loved his parents very much, they were such sweet people. Although they weren’t rich, they tried to give Jake the best of everything, including the best childhood. He would do anything to bring them back, even if it meant killing himself.

Personality: Jake is a sweet boy who always thinks of others. He’s the type of person who wants to know all about you and get to know you. You’ll always see a smile on his face, but it’s a mask. Deep inside, Jake is in a dark place of self-pitying and self loathing, as he feels responsible for his parent’s death and feels guilty being the only survivor. Jake listens to music and reflects on what it feels like to die, wishing to join his parents one day. After his parent’s death, Jake started feeling less social, but when he came out from hatred spiral, he would be the happiest boy in the world. He is very good at hiding his feelings. 

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Background: Asher’s OCD started when he was around thirteen. He didn’t even know that his father was a drug addict. All those years he’d managed to hide it from Asher. But one day he came home from school, and everything was fine until he noticed how sick he was and he just brushed it off, thinking it was the flu. He went upstairs and forgot about it for a couple of hours and then he came back out, to check on him. He was dead. Asher had neglected the fact that his father was sick and went to do his own thing. After the funeral he started to get extremely guilty. He started cleaning obsessively to get over it, he’d organise his shopping cart at the supermarket and this carried on for years until he realised he had a problem. One day he sat in the the supermarket, organising canned food in alphabetical order. He spent the whole day there and in the end had to be carted out by security and the police were called, thinking he was slightly delusional they sent him to the BHMHH.

Childhood: Asher’s mother died when he was ten. The three of them were in a car accident, her being in the passenger seat, a truck hit her full on and died at the scene. But that really never effected him. His mother wasn’t the nicest person anyway, she was always telling him that he wasn’t good enough and all sorts of useless crap, yet his parents never broke up because when Asher’s Mum was around his father they literally were the perfect little family. However when she died, he wasn’t as effected as he was when his father died. He was very close with his father. They really were best mates, yet he didn’t even realise he had a problem. After the funeral he went to his grand parents house who really didn’t want anything but love for them. They all became very close but they couldn’t stop him from staying up all night and cleaning, or rearranging the house so when they found out that he was going to go to the BHMHH.

Personality: Asher is definitely one of the smartest boys in the institution. If not one of the smartest people in general. He could probably outsmart the doctors and the nurses if he really put his head too it. He’s sweet, he rarely gets into fights apart from the odd playful banter. He’s very loving and often too trusting towards people, which results in him forever getting his heart broken or him getting disappointed.

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Background: After all of the things Tyler witnessed as a child she became cold to the world. She links attachment with pain. The insomnia started when she was caged. Being forced to stay awake and watch her sister be tortured she grew use to the lack of sleep. At nights she’d lie awake to see if her sister would die. After she got out she never slept always scared that she’d hear the screams in the middle of the night or wake up to her body being tossed across the room into anything sharp. She doesn’t talk about her parents because they bring up emotion and more pain. One night at a bon fire she collapsed to the ground and the people around had to call an ambulance. At that time she was diagnosed with PTSD along with her insomnia. No matter how hard her grandmother tried to help Tyler pushed all of her efforts aside due to her trust issues. Giving up her grandmother sent her here.  

Childhood: Tyler’s childhood was pleasant until the age of 8 when her parents died. Her older sister had taken her to the playground when a carbon monoxide leak had spread through out their house. When they came home the two found their mother and father lying dead in the living room. With no parents they were sent to live with an aunt in Chicago. The city was big and no one took notice to the two missing girls locked away in the basement of the house. Tyler spent the next four years of her life locked away in a cage watching her sister be tortured and raped by her aunt, cousins and their friends. By the time the cops came it was too late. Tyler was almost grateful her sister had finally died to avoid any more torture. After that she was moved to her grandmothers where things were normal, but she never trusted the woman who gave genetics to her aunt.

Personality: Tyler is hardened. She knows right from wrong but isn’t always a fan of following the rules since they make her feel caged in. She’s sarcastic and cold. Deep down she has loving bones but she feels as if they should be reserved for the ones that she already lost therefore she doesn’t get attached to any.

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Background: Joey Henderson literally seemed like the nicest boy in the world and he was to most people. But below the surface he’s the complete opposite. He always had psychotic tendencies, just in odd ways. Like, he would have weird dreams of him killing people, or doing more. His parents always wanted him to be a nurse. He wanted to be a musician, or something in the spotlight. Partly because he felt like that was the place where he could get anyone and nothing would happen to him. But, his parents forced him into med school, so he did it anyway, just to get them off his back, he could do his own thing. During he found out all sorts of things to do to torture someone medically. As soon as he found out these things, he knew that being a nurse as  job would be the best for his psychotic ways. Now, it wasn’t til after med school, Joey started hurting girls. He wouldn’t rape them. He just really didn’t like getting hurt by girls, those were the only ones that he would touch. He thought he had enough skills to be a surgeon, so he would kill his ‘patients’ and then he would perform operations on them. Typically, he never got caught out at his first job, and people were definitely starting to get suspicious, so he moved across the world to the Beverly Hills Mental Health Hospital. 

Childhood: Joey was raised in Auckland, New Zealand. The city of sails, his childhood was average. Infact, he was a little bit of a dork growing up. You really wouldn’t pick him to be the guy who would murder so many girls when he got older.  And yes, there was a reason for that, he was hurt badly as a kid. Alot of the time, he’d witness his mother being abused, sexually, physically and mentally by his father, and it just got too much to deal with sometimes. All the images just made him go insane. It was his nineteenth birthday, and he’d just come home from a huge party that he’d been in. He’d got into a fight with his then girlfriend, (who conveniently died later) and came home to see another fight going on right before his eyes. Now, that was when he’d had enough and his father, the only guy he would ever kill, was his first victim. He’d managed to get his mother out of the house and into the basement, so it was just the two of them and he killed him. His mother had been hit over the head so she didn’t remember what had happened anyway. Of course, Joey being the ‘sweet’ guy that he was convinced her otherwise and the body was found but it was never investigated fully. Then a couple of weeks later, he found out his girlfriend had slept with another man that same night. As soon as he did she was dead quick smart. Joey had built up a name for himself, the Ferndale Strangler because he strangled all his victims and he was very proud of that. 

Personality: Joey definitely lives up to his dorkish traits. You wouldn’t even be able to tell he’d killed over 10 women. He loves his job, more than most would and he’s friendly, a little awkward and shy but he can usually get past that. Just be warned, don’t ever, ever hurt Joey, or you’ll have trouble.

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Background: Christopher always wanted to help people out somehow. He didn’t know how he wanted to do it. He was bought up around hospitals. His mother was a nurse and his dad was a bigshot doctor who was very famous in that circle. Classed as one of the best surgeons in the whole world. So he was often away from Chris when he was a child, but typically he still wanted to be just like his dad. Although when he realised how long it’d take for him to become a doctor, he impatiently settled on the next best thing, he became a nurse. It was very easy for him to get into med school, he already had great grades. Although throughout school, he definitely was the partier, and the one least likely to make it in the whole thing, but he did, just. Thank god for him because he had nothing to fall back on and as soon as he was out started to work at the Beverly Hills Mental Health Hospital.

Childhood: Spoilt rotten is one way to describe Christopher’s childhood. Having a dad who was so rich, so Chris could have anything that he ever wanted in his entire lifetime, which made him a complete dick head. His mother died when he was young, having another child, neither of them survived. So it left his dad heartbroken and Chris unable to know what really, really went on. Because he was so young nobody had explained death to him, so he always use to wait up for her to come home every night, it was rather sad. It continued until he understood it, finally at the age of 11. At the same time, his father got done for murder, and even though he never actually did it. It was very hard on Chris which lead him down a little bit of a bad path. He was using and drinking, one of the reasons why he chose to end up in the BHMHH. Thankfully the press and the police never found out about all of that so he quickly cleaned himself up before anyone could find out. Just in time for his father to finally come home.

Personality: He’s cocky, but he can be sweet. He’s funny at the same time, he loves to make people and patients laugh and happy. Specially the little kids, another reason why he started working at the BHMHH. He loves it there now that he’s working there, he really cannot get enough of it.

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Background: Davis grew up in ever small Holy Chapel, England. Just his mum, his dad, and his older sister. Things were simple, quiet, and fairly lackluster, but he was happy there; always full of life and ready to just live, live, live. Until the bakery beneath his family’s apartment burned down, taking just his mum, his dad, and his older sister. That was when the seventeen year old stopped eating sweets, breads, pastries, anything that could be made in a bakery-and then slowly stopped eating all together because everything tasted too sweet. The depression sank in slower, paling his bright eyes. Suddenly he wanted to die, die, die—just not enough to go through with it.

Childhood: Davis grew up behind the bakery counter, and while his sister disliked the small town, bakery ownership lifestyle, Davis breathed for it. Thus he always vaguely smelt like warm bread and cinnamon. Baking kept his fast paced mind and body to rest and his creative, normally clumsy fingers to steady work. His mother was sweet and his father was warm, and his sister was all buttery affection. One night one of the electrical outlits malfunctioned in the bakery and burned the entire building down. Davis had been out of town, playing a gig for a friend at a little coffee shop in London, after which he saw the whole disaster on the news. Davis hasn’t baked, nor touched a guitar since.

Personality: He has a knack for lighting up the room like it was created for the purpose. His childlike brightness, and witty banter always makes for a good joke when someone needs a smile. He’s quick to make people happy in any way he can, even if it’s a simply genuine compliment, or just a silent smile that they need. He’s always full of life, and responsibility-an honestly charming boy, who is far too modest and thinks of himself as just a stupid kid. He’s very secret about his problems and his past, always claiming that worse things have happened to better people. He holds a passion for music, though he never plays anymore. Davis is always seemingly fine—happy even, until he’s alone and the depression and lack of hunger pain folds in like a winter night; long, unforgiving, and bittersweet.

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Background: Julian Evans, the boy that causes a thousand girls all over the world to scream hysterically. At only nineteen years of age, Julian is one fifth of the famous boy band, Eighty Degrees, who found fame after being put together by Colton Winchester, an incredibly well-known music industry mogul who was in search of the ‘next big thing’. In the beginning, everything about the band was manufactured to a T, even down to the ridiculous name. This caused the five boys who had never met before the group was created, to bond over their shared hatred of their fake personas and ridiculously meaningless pop music and eventually force Colton to either let them be themselves, or deal with losing what was quickly becoming the newest obsession of girls everywhere. Reluctantly, he passed over control of Eighty Degrees to the members themselves and staying on as manager and mentor to the boys. Two years have passed since Eighty Degrees dropped their stereotypical boy band façade, and they’re even more successful than they ever thought they could be. Fans responded unbelievably positively to the sudden change in direction and the boys managed to pick up thousands of new fans with their new and improved songs, and their real personalities. Unfortunately, Julian’s new life came with both positives, and negatives. As the group skyrocketed to fame, he began receiving letters and packages that left the boy frightened. A stalker had begun harassing Julian, sending letter after letter outlining every violent thing he was going to do to the Brit once he got a hold of him. Keeping the letters a secret, Julian maintained his cheerful façade, afraid that telling someone about his anonymous stalker could result in the threats becoming a reality. Nightmares began to creep up in his sleep every so often, but none that would have the boy frightened when he woke up. One of the last letters he received before the incident filled the terrified boy in on the final part of his plan, taking a knife and slicing along Julian’s neck until he bled out to his death. Then one fateful day, just after the group had finished sound checking for a show they had that night, Julian finally came face to face with the man who had been maliciously stalking him for the past couple of months. He was reportedly knocked out and smuggled out of the building, into a truck. Julian was in his stalker’s possession for only a few days, but was subjected to abuse, starvation and never saw the light of day, being kept in a dark basement. If it weren’t for his best friend and fellow band mate, Bryce Winters noticing his kidnapper’s suspicious truck on the day of Julian’s abduction, then there was a good chance that the singer wouldn’t be alive. The police managed to track down and find the boy, and put his stalker in jail, locked away and unable to reach the subject of all his obsessive letters. Even though Julian was returned to the safety of his familiar home, nightmares began to come more and more frequently until he was having one every time he closed his eyes. They were all about the same thing, his stalker, and often resulted in the boy staying up all night, depriving himself of sleep so that he’d be safe from his own memories and night terrors. Eventually, his band mates noticed the change in his mood and the constant tired state he was in, they managed to convince him that checking into the Beverly Hills Mental Health Hospital would be a good idea, and put their upcoming tour on hold until Julian was better.

Childhood: A humble city boy hailing from London, England, Julian had a seemingly normal childhood, growing up in a middle class home with two working parents. He’d always maintained an excellent relationship with his parents and still to this day calls or video chats with them once a week. Although he wasn’t a part of the ‘popular crowd’ Julian was well-liked by his peers, often scoring invites to the parties and events that the popular kids attended. He frowned upon the idea of social hierarchies, and felt that everybody was equal and deserved to be treated as such, earning him a lot of respect from teenagers and adults alike. Despite the fact that he could have been welcomed into the group of his ‘elite’ peers, Julian preferred to hang around with the outcasts and average Joes of his school, often finding them much more entertaining and interesting to be around. After auditioning for Eighty Degrees at the age of sixteen, he was forced to drop out of school and instead was home-schooled with the rest of the members who were also around the same age as him. Julian sometimes finds himself disappointed that he missed out on living the full ‘high school experience’ but counts himself extremely blessed to be where he is today.

Personality:  It’s safe to say that Julian is the biggest sweetheart of the group. In interviews, concerts, tour videos, anything, he takes special care in stating and making sure that everyone knows just how lucky the boy thinks he is, not just for their success and fans, but for the fact that being a part of the group has given him four best friends he couldn’t see himself living without. His compassion towards others, almost always sunny disposition and dorky sense of humour makes the boy extremely difficult to dislike. The Brit is a bit of a joker, who often enjoys playing pranks on his band mates or crew members. His love for having a laugh and a good time often shines through when he’s on stage, the band’s between song on stage antics are just as widely loved as the actual singing. Julian likes to keep the talk of his condition to a minimum, as it has a way of bringing back the memories of his kidnapping, a subject which he had vowed never to speak of again. Instead, he finds more pleasure in light hearted conversations, but can also hold a serious conversation, often making him the mediator of altercations. Julian can be a little dorky, nerdy and awkward at times (especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex), but the fact that he doesn’t have the personality of a stereotypical famous teen is what makes him so lovable. All Julian wants is for people to see him as a normal guy, and not as the superstar teen heartthrob that magazines have pinned him as.

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Background: Growing up Tyson had a lovely family a hard working business man for a father, and a charming house wife of a mother. They lived in the suburbs of London, England and up until age twelve Tyson’s life had been nothing but peaceful. But nothing can be peaceful forever, or at least that is what Tyson learned at a young age. One day while in the middle of giving a presentation to his seventh grade class the head mistress came in and asked for him. Now Tyson was a superb student who never got in trouble so this came as a shock to both him and his classmates. The head mistress took him out into the hallway and as calmly as she possible could told him the company in which his father worked for had been held hostage since mid-morning and that his father who was trying to help a shot coworker himself has gotten shot and was killed instantly at the scene. And just like that Tyson’s perfect life came tumbling down.  After that Tyson got mixed in with the wrong crowd. His grades started slipping and he got addicted to alcohol and drugs. His mother has had enough and sent him to a hospital in Beverly Hills to get treated. There he met Adam Finch who was a few years older than him. And there they became close friends. His time at the hospital showed him where he wanted to go in life and he quickly got back on track. Getting into medical school and graduating at the top of his class. He had gotten offerings from a lot of hospitals, but Adam called him and asked for him to join his staff and Tyson knew he couldn’t, wouldn’t turn down the offer.

Childhood: Tyson was the best child. He listened to his parents, and he was the smartest one in all of his classes. He was in nearly every sport imaginable. He even learned how to cook at an early age from his mother with all the time he spent in the kitchen with her. Tyson O’Reily was always a curious little boy. Tyson always asked questioned and he never stopped until he fully understood the answer. Sometimes that trait got him in trouble, but most of the time that was what was most admirable about him. Even as a child Tyson liked to help people. After helping is elderly neighbors do chores around their house. Or helping classmate wit subjects they couldn’t understand. The only time of his life where he had ever been astray were the eight years after his father died.

Personality: Tyson comes off cold sometimes. But he really is a compassionate soul. He genuinely cares for his patients and wants them to know they can confide in him. As the second in charge doctor he tries and makes sure to know the patients as well as the staff in a friendly level. Once you get to know Tyson, he is very charming and funny in a dark kind of way. He tries his best to make bad situations better. And most of the fellow doctors on staff call him Ant as an ironic nickname. Because ants take up as little room as possible but when Tyson walks in the room he seems like the biggest thing there energy and personality wise.

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